Dr. Supriya Agarwal

Fellowships and Awards

• Young Psychiatrist Award at Regional Conference WPA-Kochi 2015.

• Young Psychiatrist Fellowship Award at World Congress of Asian Psychiatry AFPA Award – Abu Dhabi 2017.

• Young Psychiatrist Fellowship Award by WPA at World Congress of Psychiatry, Berlin, Germany 2017.

• Indian Council of Medical Research travel grant 2017.

• Fellowship, Early Career Mental Health Professionals Workshop, NIMHANS, 2014

• Best Young Psychiatrist Award, Rajasthan Psychiatric Society, 2010.

• Gehlot Award for best paper presentation, Rajasthan Psychiatric Society, 2010.

• Gehlot Award for best paper presentation, Rajasthan psychiatric society, 2009.

• Solanki Award for best paper presentation, Rajasthan psychiatric society, 2009.

Dr. Supriya Agarwal is a psychiatrist and mental health expert, who is dedicated to her work. She has been connected with the field of mental health and has been contributing to the treatment and management of mental illnesses for more than a decade. She has been an active participant in various regional and national level campaigns for promoting mental health awareness in the community and has been doing voluntary work, free of charge, for psychiatric services in the rural and urban community.

Currenly, she is working as a specialist in community mental health team in Devon, U.K. Earlier, She was an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Subharti Medical College for past 8 years and had responsibility of clinical care of outdoor/indoor patients and was also involved in the post graduate training in psychiatry as she is a passionate teacher. Prior to Subharti, she worked in Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), New Delhi. Dr. Agarwal specializes in Adult Psychiatry, General Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Women and Childhood Psychiatric Disorders, Substance Use Disorders, psychiatric problems of elderly age group, primary headaches and other related disorders. She is also a member of Marce society- an international society for perinatal mental health. She has presented papers at various international conferences and been an invited expert for talks across the country.

She believes in the holistic approach to the management of psychiatric disorders and thus, offer both pharmacological and non-pharmacological management approaches to treat them. Firm believer of the inseparable link between body and mind she has trained herself in various relaxation techniques and helps patients in managing various anxiety, sleep and headache disorders through these techniques.

She has received various International and National Honors and Fellowships in her field. She has reached out to the millions to promote mental health and wellness through her blog on mental health (bodymindheal.wordpress.com) and other social platforms.

Currently, she is focused on her clinical and teaching responsibilities, also, is involved in various research project. She is a struggling writer and a confident mother.