Anxiety Mantra Series Post 1

There is so many myths out there about anxiety and how to manage it. To separate the fact from fiction is important.

This ‘anxiety mantra’ series aims to do that and more. 

First myth about managing anxiety is that we try to ignore anxiety, ignore what triggers it. The fact is this does not help. It, in fact makes it difficult to effectively manage anxiety. 

Thus, first ‘mantra’ to manage anxiety is to train mind to identify the triggers of anxiety. 

It may be something or someone in environment outside i.e. external trigger, or could also be an internal trigger, a thought, a memory, or an image.

To identify trigger is the first solid clue and key to manage anxiety. A journal, a quick note in phone could be the starting point to keep a track of them.

‘We will manage anxiety, and will not let it manage us.’ 

Share if you agree. Share your triggers here to help others identify theirs.

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