Feeling grateful


One sunny evening, lying on the green grass, in the company of a giant oak tree, was a perfect moment to feel grateful. My mind, was filled with gratefulness, for the beauty outside and serenity within.

I felt grateful for so many moments, people and things in my life. Each moment I spent feeling grateful, was one step deeper into peace and calm. As if, I was slowly and gracefully, diving deeper into the silent, beautiful depth of an ocean.

I felt grateful,

For the fresh, clean air to breathe, 

For the moments I could spend in nature,

For the warmth of the sun on my body,

For the soft and silky grass under my feet,

For the joy I felt to see my daughter pretending to be a nature fairy, running around me, lost in her own magical world,

For the opportunities I often receive, 

For the love and concern of my family,

For the friends old and new that I have with whom I can laugh unabashedly,

For the sense of security, I still felt in these uncertain times.

I felt grateful,

For knowing, who I am, what I want, where I wish to be, and with whom. That realisation in itself is such a long journey for all, to realise that took me almost three decades and a half, but now I know. 

Thus, I felt grateful.

And, I feel grateful, NOW, for all these peaceful moments and more.

Also, I realised that it’s worth, giving a few moments to be in that moment, and let the mind dwell on all things worth being grateful for.


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