How to develop self confidence in your child right from the start

All parents want their children to be full of confidence. But, to be able to see that ability in your child parents need to bring about changes in what and how they speak to their children. Here are a few tips to make your little one a confident soul.

1. Let them be self reliant. Even when they are 3 or 4 year old let them fetch their own things, pick their clothes and shoes, ask them to try do things for themselves. Appreciate when they do.

2. Let them make small decisions for themselves right from the start like what they want to wear, how much they want to eat.

3. Validate their feelings when they are feeling down and out. Helping them understand their good or bad feelings through validate empowers them and makes them confident.

4. Do not use physical punishment for their wrongdoings. Simple punishments like time out works wonder.

5. Do not name call, compare or excessively criticise your child or reprimand for every small mistake. Telling them politely and calmly what they did wrong is better for their confidence then otherwise.

6. Bring them age appropriate toys and games, play with them, spend time with them. There is no better way to nourish your child’s self but by being with them.

7. Listen to them when they speak. Give them a full ear. Rather then asking them to stop while you chat with other adults. M

8. Treat them with respect. Children deserve respect as much as adults do.

For parents it is also important to know the difference between confident child and stubborn child. You would wish for a child who is confident but not who throws a tantrum for every little thing they decide to have for themselves. Managing their behavior is very important. And, to know when they are crossing the line. But, that require a different blog article altogether.

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