Mental illness is NOT a myth!

I have been thinking about writing this post for a very long time now. About the fact that #psychiatry is NOT a #pseudoscience. It is not about #religion, #cult, #philosophy, #hypnosis, #reading someone’s mind, or dealing or treating only #psychotic patients, last but not the least it is not only about #counselling and curing patients by talking to them. These are the common #misconceptions, not surprisingly amongst general public, but, definitely, surprisingly, amongst even the professionals and medical community.

Yet another ‘#myth’ about #psychiatric disorders is that they are #functional, i.e. they do not have any actual basis to their origin. Or worse, that they are just a figment of a person’s mind. Another common myth is that mental disorders are a sign of person’s own weakness of will, or happen because the person is not trying enough to manage them.

So, let me present the facts about mental illnesses or psychiatry one by one-

Psychiatry is not a pseudoscience, it is ‘science’ in its all true sense, it is a branch of #medical science which deals with diagnosing and managing symptoms produced due to #chemicalimbalances in the #brain.(this is no doubt oversimplification of the very complex #neurochemical, #neuroinflammatory changes happening in the brain, to make it easier for all to understand it). Similar to a computer which has a hardware and a software, brain in the body is the hardware and behaviour is the software. As there are engineers who deal with mechanical errors in the computer i.e. problems in the the hardware; and there are engineers who deal with the software and programming of the computer. Psychiatrists are the engineers who correct the software part of the brain. Only, difference is that computer is man made and we know how it is made and what software is fed in it. However, with brain, many of its working is still unknown to us, thus, we are unable to give complete explanations for some it’s actions or the responses. Which is why so much mystery, and awe is attached to the workings of the brain and the psychological problems.

Psychiatric disorders are not figment of imagination or problems with will or #personality of the person; they are a result of changes happening in the brain of the person; and depending on the severity of the symptoms they present with, they either require #talkingtherapy and or require medication. These medications are aimed to correct the chemical imbalances in the brain. Thus, improving the symptoms. There should not be any shame attached to popping the pills, because sometimes pills are life saving, just like in case of other disorders like diabetes or raised blood pressure.

There is currently a #mentalhealthmovement going on to promote mental health and well-being and continues to burst many of the myths that continue to persist amongst us regarding psychiatric disorders and mental health issues. Come, let us become a part of this movement. #Speakup and #seekhelp.

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  1. It is not easy to deal with the circumstances. I am somehow keeping it together with your support.
    If it were anyone else in my situation,my shoes would have lost it or probably killed self.

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