Mind-A chaotic cosmos


There is a rhythmic cosmos

surrounding us, engulfing us, 

enveloping us; from outside

And, a chaotic cosmos, within,

where billion neurons fire

faster than the speed of light.

There was once synchrony, 

and harmony between both,

and, they worked side by side.

But no more.

They scream and shout

like banshees now,

snickering and bickering 

at each other, like 

the worst of enemies.

Speeding faster and faster

away from each other

and then towards each other, 

colliding, clashing, again and again,

with a loud bang!

This chaotic mind,

These chaotic thoughts,

This entangled mass of nerves,

work, tirelessly, incessantly 

Yet, anything worth achieved

by it is a ‘nought’.

Chaotic cosmos within,

surrounds, engulfs, envelopes too,

tightening its hold

in a deathly grip.

What a tiny dot we are

in front of the cosmos outside,

and minuscule in front 

of the chaotic cosmos within.

Helpless, powerless, inconsequential, 

in front of both.

We are lost in its nothingness,

Head pounds with its

loud and crude notes.

But, there must be a way out,

there must be an oasis.

We will not just cease to exist.

A place, where all is back in balance,

and, no-one is called a freak. 

A space, where quietness would not

howl so loud,

and mind would not play its trick.

This mocking cackling, is bit silenced, 

and there are no hollow shrieks,

A Tomorrowland or land of never,

where the future is not so bleak.

Wherever it may be, far or near,

We’ll fight back, we’ll persist.

We will simply not just die, 

beaten, pale and weak.

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