Chewing onto my brain this constant flow of thoughts, 

feels as if I am in a traffic jam, with endless honking and glare

Huh!!Stop!!Get lost!!For god’s sake, shut up,

my brain keeps screaming back to them; unable to bear.

Why won’t they stop, why won’t they let me rest,

they seem to relish my frustration; they seem to be fully aware.

They won’t let me be at peace or be carefree,

they are neither conscientious, nor are they, ever fair. 

They play their dirty tricks, again and again,

of my every shortcoming, they keep sending reminders, I am always aware.

This incessant nagging voice takes me to hell and back,

I feel all beaten up, bruised with invisible scars; exposed and bare.

I wish I would find a way out of this mess in my mind,

I wish I could just tell these buggers to stay put!! hush!! and beware.

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