With Every Newborn, A Mother is Born too

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World Maternal health awareness week, May 2020


Every mother matters. If a mother is unwell, how can a child not be. Birth, perinatal period is not only crucial for the newborn, it is as crucial for the mother. Because, with newborn, a mother is born too.

Mental and physical health are equally important. Do not downplay the signs of mental health deterioration in a new mother. It is a very common problem in perinatal period, which can be tackled holistically.

There is no shame in reaching out to mental health experts, or seek treatment. If a mother develops mental disorder and remains untreated in early years of a child’s life, it triggers significant physical and psychological damage to the child. And, this is a very well researched documented fact.

Thus, be aware of the psychological problems of a perinatal period. Keep your eyes and mind open to the possibility and be prepared to seek help from mental health experts, if needed. There is no shame in reaching out. Awareness is the key.

Here us the link to mental disorders of perinatal period-

Few lines for the expectant mothers, mothers who have just given birth.

You, are the ‘one’ who gives birth,
You are the nurturer, cherisher and protector.
But, who protects you?
For not many know, that
you need protection too.

With multitude of changes
in your body, mind and life
You become vulnerable to
depression, anxiety, psychosis
and blues.

For you see, the birth,
although, is a matter of rejoice
it destabilizes your axis
Through and through.

Don’t be afraid, or think
you are bad, its all your fault
Shrug off the guilt, what you suffer
is not a lie, its not untrue.

There are many mothers
Who share your experience
Reach out, seek help
There is help out there,
for you to get through.


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